20 Hints of Terrace Inn Hospitality

We are constantly improving our services based on our visitors' thoughts and opinions.
We wish you happy smile.

1.Want to refresh Free mineral water service
2.Want to get internet access Easy access by using LAN cable and Wi-Fi
3.Ache throat and eyes due to dry Air purifier & humidifier in all rooms
4.Sensitive to hot /cold Individual air conditioning
5.Want a bigger screen TV Installed 32 inch TV (CNN available)
6.Feel uncomfortable with the shower Installed the Micro Nano Bubble Shower
7.Want simple directions of boiling water T-fal kettle, easy, quick and safe way
8.Worry about smell of room Air freshener in all rooms
9.Want a dresser for make-up Desk turn into desk mirror by turning over
10.Stumble over uneven floor at night Barrier-free bathrooms
11.Hotel's shampoo is cheap Adopt shampoo & conditioner from SHISEIDO/POLA
12.Don't want hair damaged by dryer Negative ion dryer can help your hair moist
13.Prefer firm mattress to soft one Adopted firm mattress from Simmons offer a pleasant sleep
14.Anxiety for getting up early Alarm clock with switching on the light
15.Uncomfortable with thin pillow 2 pillows every bed (feather, down and soft pipe)
16.Want to recharge a cell-phone while sleeping Equipped outlet at bedside
17.Where to put glasses and watches by the bed Placed jewelry box at bedside
18.Inconvenient for desk work Installed broad writing desk & flexible desk light
19.Need spacious room Semi suite, 30m2 superior twin room
20.Concerning about security service Elevator equipped security to up just our guests